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The Guru Gita (Song to the Guru) is a 182 verse sacred mantra that was shared with me by my teacher, Sri Shambhavananda. It is chanted every morning at the ashram where I first studied and has become an integral part of my daily meditation practice. One morning I was chanting the Guru Gita and came to the following verses. I was so tickled by their translation. The words lifted my heaviness while deepening the sacredness of the moment. After my practice that day, I sat down with my guitar and sang these verses over and over again until they became this tune. I shared this piece with Collective Acoustics who then added their ideas (extra thanks to Brendan Whipple for his guitar offering). A note: The ‘Guru Om’ is an addition to the song and did not come directly from the Guru Gita.


Tad-ejati tan-naijati tadure tat-samipake
Tad-antar-asya sarvasya tadu sarvasya bahyatah

Ajo ‘ham-ajaro ‘ham ca anandi-nidhanah svayam
Avikaras-cid-ananda aniyan-mahato mahan

Apurvanam param nityam svayam-jyotir-niramayam
Virajam param-akasam dhurvam-anandam-avyayam

Guru Om, Guru Om, Guru Om

This truth moves and does not move. It is far and near.
It is inside all of this, also beyond everything.

I am unborn and undecaying, without beginning and without end.
I am the unchangeable bliss of consciousness, smaller than small, greater than great.
Existing even before the beginning, I am everlasting, radiant, and pure.

I am beyond space, immovable blissful and imperishable.
Guru Om, Guru Om, Guru Om


from this truth, released April 22, 2014
Special Guest: Brendan Whipple - electric guitar


all rights reserved



Tania Alexandra

Described as quirky and kind, Tania Alexandra’s music captures her love of the authentic oddities of life and the spirit that lies within them. An award winning songwriter, recording artist, music and movement specialist, session vocalist, and arranger, Tania (Gitali) is taking her music to new depths, combining her practice of mantra and Bhakti Yoga with her zeal for songwriting and performance. ... more

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