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Tasmai Sri​-​Guruve Namah

from this truth by Tania Alexandra (Gitali) & Collective Acoustics

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This song seeded from an idea that Eric had been working on in which he was exploring a groove between 7/8 and 4/4. He shared it with me and I listened to it often while driving. One day the mantra ‘Gurur-brahma gurur-visnur-gurur-devo mahesvarah Gurur-eva parabrahma tasmai sri-gurave namah’ came right out of my mouth as if it had been hiding in the music all along. Eric and I arranged and recorded our parts together and then George and Geoff turned the song into pure magic. I love singing along to this one… I hope you do too. The verses are from the Guru Gita.


Gurur-brahma gurur-visnur-gurur-devo mahesvarah
Gurur-eva parabrahma tasmai sri-gurave namah

Yasya Jnanad-idam visvam na drsyam bhinna-bhedatah
Sad-eka-rupa-rupaya tasmai sri gurave namah

Yasyamatam tasya matam matam yasya na veda sah
Ananya-bhava-bhavaya tasmai sri-gurave namah

Yasya karana-rupasya kara-rupena bhati yat
Karya-karana-rupaya tasmai sri-gurave namah

Nana-rupam-idam sarvam na kenapyasti bhinnata
Karya-karanata caiva tasmai sri-gurave namah

The Guru is Brahma, the Guru is Vishnu
The Guru is the great Lord Shiva.
The Guru is indeed Parabrahma (the Supreme Self).
To that revered Guru I bow down.

By whose knowledge this world is not seen as divided by differences,
The one true form of forms: To that revered Guru I bow down.

To the One whose thought is not known, whose knowledge is not thought,
The One whose state of being originates in none other:
To that revered Guru I bow down.

To the one who illuminates the form of cause and that of effect,
The One who is the form of both cause and effect:
To that revered Guru I bow down.

All this world appears in various forms
but for the Guru there is no difference among them;
cause and effect are the same.
To that revered Guru I bow down.


from this truth, released April 22, 2014


all rights reserved



Tania Alexandra

Described as quirky and kind, Tania Alexandra’s music captures her love of the authentic oddities of life and the spirit that lies within them. An award winning songwriter, recording artist, music and movement specialist, session vocalist, and arranger, Tania (Gitali) is taking her music to new depths, combining her practice of mantra and Bhakti Yoga with her zeal for songwriting and performance. ... more

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