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This was one of the first songs that I created from verses from the beautiful and sacred Guru Gita mantra. I love these verses and would go back to read them often after my morning meditation practice. I decided I wanted to carry them with me so I sat down at the piano and offered them to this melody and accompaniment. One day I hope to truly realize the essence of these words. I shared this song with Collective Acoustics during a rehearsal for the CD release concert of my previous album, Abnormal. They jumped right in with their ideas and it became a highlight for many at that show. I believe it may be the seed of how this whole project came to be.


Samudre ca yatha toyam ksire ksiram ghrte ghrtam
Bhinne kumbhe yatha-kasas-tathatma paramatmani

Tathaiva jani jivatma paramatmani liyate
Aikyena ramate jnani yatra tatra diva-nisam

Evam-vidho maha-muktah sarvada vartate budhah
Tasya sarva-prayatnena bhava-bhaktim karoti yah

Just as a drop of water merges with the ocean, milk with milk, ghee with ghee
And just as the space of a broken pot merges with the open space outside,
So too, the individual Self merges with the Supreme Self.

Indeed, just as the individual Self merges with the Supreme Self,
In the same way, one who knows the truth
Delights in his oneness, wherever he is, day or night.

The wise person makes every effort
To live always with love and devotion
In this manner, one is fully liberated.


from this truth, released April 22, 2014


all rights reserved



Tania Alexandra

Described as quirky and kind, Tania Alexandra’s music captures her love of the authentic oddities of life and the spirit that lies within them. An award winning songwriter, recording artist, music and movement specialist, session vocalist, and arranger, Tania (Gitali) is taking her music to new depths, combining her practice of mantra and Bhakti Yoga with her zeal for songwriting and performance. ... more

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